Porsche Boxster 2012 Scoop of the year

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In general, I prefer not to publish photo scoops, oftenstolen. Here is an exception for the new Porsche Boxster 2012 version, muchanticipated and anxiously by the purists because it should store the flat 6 inthe museum to use, at least at entry level, a 4-cylinder 2.5.

The photos, from a shooting in the United States, conductedby Brenda Priddy & Co, can immediately view the overall all online, as thisBoxster is destitute of fireworks camouflage. Spontaneously, I regret a littlethe form of lights that go back many 3 / 4 front and make it look like theBoxster to an ancient Toyota MR. This is only a feeling, to confirm live on theofficial photos.
Apart from that, there are features "regular"Boxster: stocky, short in wheelbase, dual exhaust for the central S version,nice alloy wheels that are sure to be on the long list of options.... Thediametrically Boxster does not change: it incorporates the shield of 991, andthus clearly comes close. The rear lights even more stretched, and the inclinedarches accentuate the dynamic line is pure: no wings overly broad, and adrawing always attractive, which speaks to Porsche enthusiasts.
In general, I prefer the new models to old, but here I amsharing: I expect to see the official communication.