How will I Get credit when unemployed?

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A credit application is related to the production ofreceipts and resources, which for the bank is collateral. What about anunemployed person, private pay?

Getting credit when you're unemployed is not so easy whenyou can provide pay slips to the lending institution. However, a job seeker canstill be granting a credit, and it's easier still if the spouse is employed.Better yet is able to prove that the spouse is employed for an indefiniteperiod and that its revenues allow a comfortable repayment capacity.

When an unemployed person applying for a credit, his pastprofession can help to get a loan: indeed, despite an unemployment situation,the stability gives confidence to the lender. However, a resume of numberspunctuated periods of inactivity or a succession of temporary or seasonalcontracts will not play in favor of the borrower. A precarious situation wouldat most get a quick credit repayable in the short term, but certainly not a bigloan like a credit auto, motorcycle, let alone a mortgage.

To avoid being faced with a refusal in a credit application,it is better - whenever possible - anticipate. This anticipation is toestablish a small capital which will, in time, to serve as a personalcontribution. A person in unemployment has more opportunities to obtain creditif it has a contribution. This is very likely to reassure the banker. Butagain, the credit will be granted in proportion to the personal contribution.